Alex Bevan

I currently work as a Cloud Operations Engineer as part of a major DevOps consultancy where I am specialising in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, with a particular focus on the Windows-based ecosystem, although I also like to ensure I wrangle in some Linux.

In my professional career I’ve had a number of titles and roles including SysAdmin, Network Engineer, infrastructure engineer and Cloud Architect, during my time I have had the privilege to architect and build large scale business critical systems for some of the UK and the Worlds largest brands, implement DevOps methodologies and frameworks into businesses and drive cloud adoption. These works have resulted in increased application performance, shorter delivery times and more reliable applications for many of my clients.

I’ve always been a firm believer in working smart before working hard and as such have always believed in automating as much as what I do as possible, passing this knowledge down to my team on the way. Configuration management tools such as Chef and infrastructure as code tools like Terraform along with scripting languages such as Python, PowerShell, bash and ruby have become my toolset of choice along this journey.